On Sequels, and Thanks

Hollywood seems to have no problem grinding out sequels. Especially those involving comic book characters. Most are brainless summer action movies (and we’re into the season now), and it’s amazing how well these films do at the box office. Or not. Most of the movie going public isn’t very demanding when it comes to intellectual stimulation. Just include enough things blowing up and give ‘em a huge tub of faux-buttered popcorn and a 32 ounce soda and they’re in heaven. Actually, I haven’t figured out how they can sit through two hours, drink all that liquid, and not wet their pants. Or, maybe they do?

Anyway, I can’t help thinking about sequels these days because I’m in the process of writing a sequel to Zendoscopy, my funny, sad, risqué novel about a young fellow’s coming of age. The main lesson I’ve learned is that while it may be easy to write a sequel, it’s damned hard to write a good one. On my first try, I gave up after three chapters and started over again. On my second try, I made to eleven chapters before realizing that what I’d written had nowhere to go (not even down). Frankly, even what I had written offered nothing much of real interest in any of its chapters.

So, it was back to the bloodletting as I started pounding out the third iteration of what was to be Zendoscopy 2. Several chapters into it, I realized that I was heading down the same, pointless path, and that’s when inspiration finally struck. I realized that I’d said all I wanted to say about Sherman, the hero (I use the term loosely) of Z1. The sequel, then, really couldn’t be about him, although he could have a cameo role. Instead, it would have to be about other characters from the book, and maybe not even any of them as the central character. With this realization, the story has taken off. It’s now a sequel only in that some of the characters from Z1 make appearances, some even in major roles, but there are completely new characters as well, with the story largely focusing on one of them, a hapless, bumbling fellow named Horace Tibbles.

The book is about halfway through its maiden draft. With some luck, perhaps it’ll be done by the end of the year. It’s as yet untitled, but I’ll let you know as soon as it’s got a name.

Finally, regular readers will have noted that that the blog has been quiet for several weeks. I was traveling, and after returning home I underwent shoulder surgery. For those of you who haven’t given up on seductivepeach.com, I extend my thanks for your patience and, especially, for coming back!


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