Weathergirl: Here at Last!

Yes, my latest book, Weathergirl, is finally in print. The hard copy edition appeared about ten days ago and is now available from many online booksellers, including and To find it on Amazon, enter “Weathergirl” in the the book search field. Be sure to use quotation marks, since otherwise Amazon will bring up other books with the title divided into two words, weather and girl. BarnesandNoble gets it right, so you can just enter the title there without the quotation marks.  If you’d prefer the e-book version, you’ll have to wait a few weeks, as it’s still in preparation.

Weathergirl is the not-quite-a-sequel to Zendoscopy, and picks up on several of the characters from the earlier book a few years later. If you’ve ever wondered what became of Effie Mae McStutz, the “ten-cent airmail girl” from Zendoscopy, you’ll find out here, as she copes with her crazed loser of an ex-husband while finding new love with Saltzman, the former frat boy who used to lead expeditions to a bordello in Tijuana for his college classmates. These two, along with a cast of other notable characters, all make for a wild story of both love and revenge in late 20th Century Southern California.

Published Front Cover