Stand Tall, Mr. President!

As I write this, President Obama has just announced his executive order that will finally (!) if only temporarily address a major component of the overall immigration issue that Congress has been unable to deal with ever since the House of Representatives refused to act after the Senate approved a comprehensive immigration bill many months ago. Predictably, those same Republicans are now up in arms, accusing the President of usurping power, of behaving like an “emperor” or a “king”. He’s been charged with sinking any hope of collaboration and compromise with the newly Republican-dominated Congress, and there have even been rumblings of impeachment due to his alleged disregard of the Constitution.

The Republican outrage is, IMHO, hypocritical bullshit.

Republicans have only themselves to blame for this. Their intransigence, their open defiance of the President, their opposition to everything and anything he says or does have brought this on. To risk a bit of a mixed metaphor, Republicans have led government full speed into an absolute standstill. It’s been a charge back to the 19th century, when the robber barons almost succeeded in ruling the roost.

Today’s Republican Party can only exist through preservation of an overtly stratified society with maintenance of a permanent underclass. How else to explain their anti-immigration, voter suppressive, don’t tax the rich, holier than thou, in your bedroom behavior that’s become the party’s angry white mantra? The truly amazing thing is that so many who stand to be hurt so severely by current Republican doctrine…vote Republican. Why would any woman, any person of color, anyone who cares about the environment, vote Republican? It simply defies logic.

And so, I say hang tough, Mr. President. Show ’em you’ve got the cojones to spit in the eye of industrial, big business crooks and the politicians they’re paying off. Which is not to forget, however, that some of these slimy beasts are Democrats, too. It’s just that, in general, they’ve been less obvious than their Republican brethren. Why, for example, aren’t they supporting their President more actively? Payoffs? Fear of the right wing? Dare I venture racism as a possible cause for them as well as for the Republicans? After all, Obama’s record isn’t nearly as bad as some are saying it is. In fact, although I disagree mightily with a few things he’s done, I have to acknowledge his efforts to end two wars, his success at slow but steady economic recovery, his saving the auto industry, and his bringing affordable health care to many who until now haven’t been able to get it. Anyone who says this is nothing is simply being willfully ignorant, which is worse than being truly ignorant, albeit perhaps not by much. To wit: Louie Gohmert.

Okay, that’s it for this week’s rant. For those who follow this blog in countries outside the U.S. (and there are several of you) I must tell you that the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving is next week. In order to have some time with family, will, for the first time since going online last January, be taking a week off. We’ll be back in two weeks, though, so plan on checking back on 5 December for the next posting.


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